How Long Will It Take To Set Up Your Equipment?

We need just over an hour from arriving to being ready to play. Some things slow us down like difficult access and problems with getting parked near to where we load in the equipment. All the gear we use weighs around a metric tonne and we have to get it from our van on to your stage - but there are seven of us and we work as fast as we can. We need a wee bit of time to get in to stage dresses and for make up, but that's just the lads; the girls are much faster.

For How Long Will You Play For?

Our standard performance time is between 8pm and midnight. We'll take a 30 minute break at the same time as your buffet (if it's a wedding booking). For corporate events this will vary as per your requirements. We can extend or amend our performance hours as requested, but this may involve an additional charge which won't be included in the instant quote.

Isn't A Band This Size Going To Be Expensive

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much value for money we represent. We charge roughly the same as any really good five piece band and in some cases, substantially less.
You can get an instant quote by clicking the button at the top right hand side of our home page. It's first come, first served, so if we're available on your date and you're happy with the price, don't hesitate to make a booking.

Do You Bring All The Equipment You Need?

Indeed we do. All we need is somewhere to set up and a safe electrical supply. All you need is to be up for a dance and we'll take care of the rest.

What About Volume? Will You Be Loud?

We're really good at keeping the volume to a reasonable level despite there being six musicians in the band. If you're finding the volume an issue, have a quick word with us and we'll be happy to oblige.

My Venue Insists On Our Band Being Insured. Are You?

We are indeed. Our team at Hireaband will automatically forward all the necessary paperwork to your venue in advance of us turning up.

Can We See You Live Before We Book?

Whenever possible we'd be delighted to see you at one of our gigs before you book. You should understand though that the majority of our engagements are for private functions, weddings or corporate events. These are not open to the public and just as we wouldn't invite lots of strangers to your event, we can't do that to our other customers either.
We play often at showcases and in December at Christmas party nights, but if you contact our team at Hireaband - she may have an event she can get you along to.

What Happens if One Of You Is Ill?

We all have deps who can take our place in the event of illness, but it's incredibly rare for this to happen. if we do have to use a stand in it will be someone we know really well and who knows us. This is your guarantee that we won't cancel just because one of us really unwell. We've never cancelled a booking. Ever.

How Far Will You Travel?

We're happy to travel to any venue in Scotland and the north of England. We may need B&B for gigs a good distance from Glasgow and this can be expensive as there are seven of us. But if you're happy with that, we'll be happy to entertain you.

Will I Need To Provide Food?

Not at all. It's always nice to be offered some hospitality but it's by no means a deal breaker. However for corporate bookings hospitality may be part of our rider, especially when we're expected to be on site for a long time before we play. Gaye at Hireaband will keep you right.

Will You Learn Our First Dance?

Happy to. Just give us at least 12 weeks notice as there are a lot of us and we need to rehearse for a while to get your first song just right. Hireaband will send you our contact details at exactly the right time so that you can get in touch and have a chat about this.